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Youth & Young Adults Ministry
Anthony Sperduti is the Youth and Young Adults Minister of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church. His title is "Servant Coordinator for Youth and Young Adults". The following is an article written by Anthony J. Sperduti.


The Roman Catholic Church has seen the importance of feeding the young people of its churches around the world. It is a necessity now more than ever because of the values and lack of morality which is being taught to our children in schools and universities. What the agenda of these people and government officials are is to create a Godless society. This is why having your children and young adult members in your family spending more time at church in classes and programs geared to enhance their relationship with Jesus is so important.

At St. Peter's, we have had a strong high school youth group program since 2004 and as Youth Minister and Coordinator of the program events, retreats, conferences, and weekly nights, I have witnessed the growth of some of the most impressive people in our community. They fight for justice, righteousness, and are care givers in our community. This is a beautiful experience and seeing how so many of these former teenagers have come back to lead our CORE Team members is a blessing and acknowledgment of the success of the program. We minister to your high school teenagers on a weekly basis with talks, discussions, skits, videos, small groups, and fun activities and games. This is not a traditional classroom format, as the team of young adults work hard on their talks, scripture verses used in the teachings and the fun, entertaining skits put on for the enjoyment of the teens. We make fools of ourselves to create a sense of family and unity among the teenagers we mean to minister too. This allows the teenagers to feel comfortable in the environment we create and gives them the understanding they can be themselves with no reservations about their behavior. Laughter is a great way to teach a young person about their faith and the One True God. The mission statement of the HSYG is as follows: The St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church feeds the needs of their high school aged teenagers with the help of the Holy Spirit that guides us, the knowledge and understanding that the Holy Eucharist will quench our hunger and thirst for truth and love while allowing teenagers to experience Jesus in a whole new light, a Best Friend, and with the grace from the Virgin Mother, Mary, she leads us to the perfection of her Son in Heaven.

With the success and understanding of the HSYG we are now motivated to begin a youth group for middle school students here at St. Peterís. The program will include much more fun activities, arts & crafts, and discussion based topics that are prevalent in our middle school aged childrenís lives. The idea of bringing them closer to Jesus as not only God, but a man who could be trusted to be their best friend is one of the motivating factors for a young person to build a prayerful relationship with Jesus. When they feel comfortable talking to God as a friend, they will be more inclined to turn to God for help in their desperate times. With the help of parents here at St. Peterís and the other parish communities in Henderson and Las Vegas, we have decided to try a monthly meeting for our middle school students. In time we could grow into a weekly program as well, but for now, parents feel better about a monthly program that will begin Sunday, February, 12, 2017. We will run the program simultaneously with the high school youth group at 6:30 p.m.. The opening prayer, and announcements will be together and then the MSYG we call ROUND UP will move into the Youth/Young Adult Office, while the HSYG will continue to gather in the main Faith Formation Hall or RM. 13. The MSYG mission statement is as follows: The St. Peterís MSYG ROUND UP wishes to enhance the relationship of our God with the needs of the middle school student. The pressures put on a middle school student by their peers can at times be overwhelming so having the knowledge and understanding that their is a place to relax, be calm, be sociable, and safe is available at St. Peterís Catholic Church. With the help of the Virgin Mother, Mary, who intercedes for us with Jesus, we can build a foundational relationship that lasts forever.

The Young Adult program which includes people 18 years old and out of high school to 35, is open to single and married couples. The program wishes to enrich the lives of the most sought after group of people in society today. The distractions that the devil puts in the way of this generation of people is baffling and only through the intercession of the Virgin Mother, Mary, and the Lamb of God who is the last sacrifice will our young adults be called back to the one true church. We meet Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. in the Youth/Young Adult office in the Faith Formation Complex. The idea for this program is to insight a religious fervor in the young person so they will go out into society with the knowledge, understanding, grace, and fortitude to help those in need and be able to conquer the wickedness that exists in our society. Through bible study, social justice issues, and socials will discuss the needs of the people most apt to leave the church. The mission statement for the Young Adult program: To build a foundation for young people to acknowledge their sins, come face-to-face with their results so they will return to the church through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and to enhance their lives through the Mass. When it comes to social issues the group of young adults will work in the community to better enrich the lives of the needy and see evil for what it is, a detriment to society.

When it comes to the middle school student, high school student, and young adult, the attacks by the devil are real and the undermining of the church is at work. With prayers from our holy congregation and with the interceding of the Blessed Queen, Mary on our behalf we can make a stronger future for our children and it takes each and everyone of us to pray. So, please join us in prayer for the safety and well-being of our most precious parishioners, the youth and young adults.

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