Last day for registration for elementary, middle, and high school age students is October 28, 2020. Please contact the faith formation office to make an appointment. You can call the faith formation office at 702-970-2525 or email us at

The price for the faith formation program for school year 2020-2021 is $150 for the first student and an additional $50 for each additional student.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our faith formation classes will not meet physically in person every week, but classes will be online or by homeschool. The online program and the homeschool program will cover the same material. The online program will not have a book. The students will not be permitted to do both the online and homeschool. They must choose one option or the other. After registering for either online, or homeschool, if you decide to switch to a different program, you will have to pay an additional $150 for the first student and $50 for each additional student in the household. There will be no refunds.

The Online program: For the online program, a parent must have an email address, computer, and access to the internet. There is no book for the online program. With the online program, the students will be able to complete their assignments online and submit the work to their teacher through the internet. There will also be online instruction through the GoToMeeting App.

Homeschool Program: The homeschool program is for students who do not have a computer and do not have access to a computer. We will offer students the chance to learn through a workbook by completing the chapters weekly. We expect family members, especially the parents to help. A commitment form must be signed in the faith formation office that you will work and study with your children. Each week students are responsible for completing their assignments. Students and family members can reach out to the faith formation office for help to answer any questions

Once a month each parent and student will need to meet with the faith formation supervisor, staff, or volunteer to check the student's progress and to make sure the work is completed and understood.

Need For Volunteers: We are still in need of some additional volunteers to help teach these virtual classes and volunteer in the faith formation department. Please contact us if you are willing and able to work virtual classroom instruction or want to help out in our faith formation building and/or with young adult and/or youth ministry. Please consider volunteering! To Volunteer: contact the main office of St. Peter the Apostle at 702-970-2500 or check out the website

Youth and Young Adult Ministry: We plan to offer middle and high school youth ministry and young adult ministry by in-person meeting and virtual meetings. This program will be at the St. Peter the Apostle faith formation building using the Social-Distancing Protocols the Diocese of Las Vegas, CDC, and State of Nevada prescribe.

Adult Sacramental Preparation--adult baptism, adult confirmation, adult first communion, adults who want to become Catholic, RCIA:

For adults who need sacraments there will be in class meetings, home schooling, and online classes. The cost for adults will be the same as children $150 for one adult and $50 for each additional person in the household.

For adults who need sacraments of baptism, confirmation, or first Holy Communion, please contact the parish office at 702-970-2500 to schedule a meeting to register.

Please note that this faith formation plan for 2020-2021 is subject to change depending of directives of the Diocese of Las Vegas and the state of the Covid-19 pandemic. We appreciate your time and patience as we offer your children a safe way to learn the Catholic Faith.

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